Akers Victorious in SFFN Main Event!!!

SBG Idaho MMA athlete and elder statesman, Rowdy Akers, picked up a 2nd round TKO victory over Gregg McFarland in the main event of Steelfist Fight Night: Fightmares, last month at the Union Event Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Akers (6-6 MMA, 6-3 SFFN) took the center of the cage quickly, pumping his jab and moving his head well. He was met immediately by wild power punches from McFarland, and fired back in kind. The larger McFarland managed to clinch and shove Akers into the fence, where he began working on a takedown. Akers defended well before looking for a guillotine choke. McFarland defended the choke and eventually finished the takedown, moving to side control, then mount. Akers remained calm, and executed a nice backdoor mount escape when McFarland transitioned to high mount. Akers then completed a takedown of his own against the cage, before posturing up and bringing down some heavy leather. McFarland scrambled back to his feet and the fight resumed from stranding briefly before the two combatants clinched again. Akers did well to reverse McFarland to the cage and land a sharp knee to the temple of McFarland, sitting him down at the base of the cage. Round 1 ended with Akers landing strong ground and pound over the prone McFarland.

Round 2 began much the same as the previous, with Akers using his jab, and McFarland returning with wild power punches. A straight right hand from Akers again put McFarland down at the base of the cage, and this time there would be no escape. Akers immediately followed up with the ground and pound, forcing the referee to halt the contest! Congratulations Rowdy on a fantastic performance!

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