Alejandro Serna

Finally! A place that I can get in an excellent workout while getting in great shape. I love the enthusiasm here and there is definitely some world class training to be offered to its members. The instructors
really take the time to break down the basics for you and I really appreciate that. The atmosphere really promotes a friendly and professional learning environment and I look forward to continuing my training. If you want to learn to defend yourself and promote healthy living in a respectful environment then don’t wait, sign up!!

Joe Silva

I joined combat fitness a couple of months ago. I really wanted to back into shape and have always wanted to do bjj. I knew Jesse from wrestling, that really made me feel comfortable right off of the bat. But I soon realized everyone at this gym was very friendly and I felt at home during my first practice. The system at combat is organized very well. No matter what sport, skill level, or times you are available, this system should have something that works for you. The last thing I would like to talk about are the coaches. I really enjoy every coach I have had here. They are all skilled and knowledgeable in their crafts. They all teach us in there own ways, so learning the same moves from different coaches help you master the moves quicker. I can’t say enough good things about this place. I won’t be leaving anytime soon.