Vanessa McBryde

Combat Fitness has been extremely helpful for me. All the trainer’s take the time to explain every step . As well as take time out of their respective days to do personal classes .

Mitch Connor

I joined the gym a few weeks ago with no prior fighting experience. When I originally looked into joining a combat gym I thought it would be a bunch of brutes who would make fun of my lack of experience and coordination. To my surprise everyone I have met at the gym has been super supportive and the classes are challenging but with a very encouraging atmosphere. You can tell that the instructors are passionate about what they do and give you the tools to take the sport as far as you choose.

Adrian Seminario

I’ve been training at combat fitness for the last few months, this place has changed not only physically but mentally as well . The trainers and training partners are great . They work with you on your technique and there’s a lot of respect amongst everyone . I truly love training here and recommend it to anyone looking to build their confidence, mental strength along with your physical abilities.