FSF 15 Photos!!!

Photos from Front Street Fights 15, January 19, 2018

***Photo Credit to Lisa Jordan (@lisaseyeview)***

Almir Talic (SBG Idaho) winner over Tim Cameron via triangle choke, 1:19 Round 1


Noah Shultz (SBG Idaho) winner over Joe Rodriguez via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Rumble at the Roseland Results and Photos!!!

Three SBG Idaho athletes took to the cage at the iconic Roseland Theater in downtown Portland, Oregon, on January 20th, for Rumble at the Roseland 96. Results are as follows-

David Akers (CF/SBG Idaho) lost via unanimous decision to Brendon Dugan (28-29, 28-29, 28-29)

Akers and Dugan meet in the center of the cage with Akers moving immediately to the clinch, driving Dugan back towards the fence. Dugan does well to frame up a Thai clinch, landing some circle knees to the sides of Akers. Akers is able to pummel inside before level changing and securing a single leg takedown against the cage. Akers is in Dugan’s halfguard, looking to land punches before Dugan rolls to his knees and attempts to stand. Akers scoops up a single leg as Dugan turns to face him, but is unable to return Dugan to the mat. More jockeying for position along the fence, with Dugan reversing Akers into the cage, before Akers regains double underhooks, reverses, and finishes a double leg. Akers begins to posture and control Dugan’s feet while looking to land strikes. Dugan hunts for a leglock, but Akers maintains top position, throwing punches as the round closes. Round two begins with Akers landing a kick to Dugan’s body before Dugan comes forward hard with a combination. Akers looks to level change but is underhooked and pushed into the fence. Both men are working hard for position, while landing knees to the body of the other. Akers eventually gains inside position, changes levels, and secures a single leg takedown. Dugan immediately gets halfguard and an underhook, and escapes out the side and onto Akers’ back. Akers escapes back control and recovers guard. Dugan looks to land hard shots, while Akers attacks from his back. Akers looks to have a deep armbar, but Dugan manages to wriggle free and passes to side control. Akers rolls to his knees and stands against the cage, while Dugan lands a few shots at the horn. Round three begins, and it’s tied at a round apiece. Dugan appears to be the fresher fighter, and backs Akers up to the cage with strikes. Akers attempts to shoot, but is stuffed and pushed back into the cage. Akers does well to pummel inside and reverse Dugan before briefly securing a takedown. Dugan pops up, but Akers is still all over him, dragging him back to the mat. Again Dugan is up, and able to create enough separation to land a knee to the head of Akers. Akers appears to be hurt and circles away as Dugan pursues with punches. Akers clinches to stop the punches, but is taken down. Akers does a great job of controlling Dugan’s posture and preventing further damage as the final bell sounds.

The final scores were 28-29 across the board for Dugan, but we are incredibly proud of David’s effort in a very close, exciting fight! 


Riley Timmons (CF/SBG Idaho) winner over Patty Elliot via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Timmons comes forward behind a stiff jab, cutting Elliot off as she looks to circle away. Elliot throws a few telegraphed kicks, which Timmons easily avoids. Low kick followed by a right hand, prompt a clinch from Elliot. Timmons separates and goes back to work with her jab and right leg kick. A right hand appears to have hurt Elliot, as she turns away and runs to a asafe distance. Timmons remains patient and continues to back Elliot up with her jab, followed by a right kick to the body or leg and hard punches over the top. A right hook hurts Elliot and she again turns away. This time Timmons is all over her, flurrying with punches and kicks. Timmons gets a little wild, and Elliot is able to secure underhooks. Timmons soon frees herself, and again pours on the punches. Elliot covers and manages to clinch again for a monent, before Timmons frees herself and resumes her assault. One more clinch from Elliot, as she manages to see the bell. Round two begins with Timmons again operating behind her jab, backing Elliot to the fence before landing a low kick and right hand over top. Strong footwork from Timmons keep Elliot circling away and backed to the cage. Elliot is able to secure another clinch after an exchange, this time managing to have more success maintaining the position and landing some solid knees before Timmons manages to break free. Timmons begins to use her right cross instead of her kick to back Elliot to the fence. A brief flurry from Timmons leads to another clinch from Elliot. Timmons lands punches to the body while Elliot works with knees. The round ends with Timmons backing Elliot up with hard punches. Overall, a much closer round. Round three sees Timmons come out strong, appearing the fresher of the two. Timmons is mixing up her punches with right hands to the body, and doing a better job of avoiding the clinch. A hard right hand stuns Elliot, and she turns away with Timmons in hot pursuit. Elliot attempts to clinch, but Timmons shucks it off, and fires back on the break. This process continues for the remainder of the round. Elliot was game and fought hard to the final bell, but in the end Riley swept all three judges scorecards.

Congrats Riley on a very impressive MMA debut!!!


Stephen Stirewalt (CF/SBG Idaho) lost to Sage Farnworth via Arm Triangle, Round 4

In the night’s co-main event, Stirewalt took on a tough young fighter in Farnworth for the vacant bantamweight title. Both fighters took the center of the cage, with Farnworth leaping into range and quickly getting backed up by a sharp flurry from Stirewalt. Farnworth again comes forward , but Stirewalt slides out of range before stepping in with a hard kick to the body. Farnworth fakes a shot and comes high with a headkick that stuns Stirewalt, causing him to circle away. Farnworth comes forward, prompting Stirewalt to shoot and clinch to compose himself. Farnworth reverses and finishes a double leg. Stirewalt recovers halfguard, but Farnworth locks up a deep looking D’arce choke. Stirewalt remains calm and defends the choke, before reversing to top position, where he stands and throws punches at the supine Farnworth. Farnworth kicks away and stands, but finds himself backed to the cage by Stirewalt, who lands some nice shots before clinching and attacking with knees. The two men jockey for position as the round ends. Round two sees Farnworth switch to southpaw, springing forward before getting clipped by a left hook from Stirewalt that appears to stun him. Stirewalt back Farnworth to the cage with punches and kicks. Farnworth is able to catch a kick and score a double leg at the base of the cage. Stirewalt regains halfguard and immediately reverses the position when Farnworth attempts another D’arce choke. Stirewalt begins to posture up while controlling the feet of his opponent, shucking the legs by and landing hard punches to his grounded opponent. As Farnworth stands, Stirewalt times a beautiful knee to Farnworth’s head, that just barely misses it’s target. Stirewalt is relentless with knees in the clinch before ripping Farnworth back to the mat for more ground and pound. Farnworth again stands, but eats a kick to the ribs for his troubles. Stirewalt strikes to a clinch and secures a tight lock on the hips of Farnworth, before slamming him hard to the floor. The round ends with Stirewalt nearly securing a kimura from top position. Round three sees both men looking fresh, and exchanging nicely with punches and kicks in the center of the cage. Farnworth transitions to a double leg and drives Stirewalt to the floor. Stirewalt secures half guard and begins inching to the cage to try and stand, but Farnworth is trapping his far wrist to prevent him from posting and coming up. Farnworth is able to keep Stirewalt pinned in halfguard against the cage, while landing bursts of punches, for the remainder of the round. The championship rounds begin with more exchanges in the center of the cage. Stirewalt catches a Farnworth kick, off balancing him back into the cage. From there Stirewalt attempts a jumping knee that just misses it’s mark, allowing Farnworth to gather the legs and slam him to the ground in side control. Farnworth transitions to mount and secures an arm triangle choke as Stirewalt attepts to regain his guard. The choke is deep, and Stirewalt is forced to tap.

We are incredibly proud of Stephen for his performance against a very good opponent! The fight was incredibly exciting, and a great showcase of skill from both athletes!!!

It was a night of great performances, as well as some important lessons. Again, as always, we are incredibly [proud of every one of our athletes that steps into the cage. The victory is never in the outcome, but in the discipline, sacrifice, and teamwork displayed during preparation. A huge thank you to everyone that plays a role in helping our athletes- coaches, teammates, students, training partners- we couldn’t do it without you. Also, a special congratulations to SBG PDX athletes, Max Garrison and Peter Lysenko, and their coaches, on two very impressive victories that night as well!!!

FSF 15 Results and Fight Videos

***Photo Credit to Lisa Jordan***

Friday, January 19, saw SBG athletes go 2-0 in the Front Street Fights cage, in downtown Boise, Idaho. The 15th installment of the Northwest’s premier MMA promotion saw young up and comers Almir Talic and Noah Shultz pick up impressive victories. SBG Idaho alums Brent Fisher and Brandon Hempleman were also on the card that evening, with Fisher picking up a dominant unanimous decison victory, while Hempleman dropped his bout, in a wild, exciting main event. Results are as follows-

Almir Talic (1-0, MMA/FSF) winner via triangle choke over Tim Cameron, 1:19 Round 1

Talic takes the center and fires off a switch kick to Cameron’s body. Cameron immediately clinches, prompting Talic to jump guard and immediately start framing up an armbar. Cameron goes belly down, and the arm looks extended, but Cameron manages to wriggle free. Talic goes right back to the armbar, but Cameron postures hard and pulls his arm free. Talic stands and looks to circle off the cage, but Cameron catches his legs and plows him back to the mat. Talic immediately attacks from his closed guard and locks in a tight triangle choke. Cameron defends momentarily, but loses consciousness, prompting referee Tom Supnet to stop the fight. Impressive debut for a young up and comer!!!

Noah Shultz (2-2 MMA, 2-1 FSF) winner over Joe Rodriguez via Unanimous Decision

Shultz takes the center of the cage, feinting and darting in and out of range. A few low kicks start to land, prompting Rodriguez to swing back hard, and Shultz steps back out of harms way. A switch kick to the head backs Rodriguez up and Shultz follows up with punches over the top of his shorter opponent. More kicks from the left leg of Shultz begin to connect with Rodriguez’s legs body, and head, and finishing each exchange with punches before moving out of range. With a minute left, Shultz follows an exchange against the cage with a double leg takedown, maintaining top position through the bell. Round two and three followed a similar pattern, with Shultz’s movement and diverse striking arsenal keeping Rodriguez moving backwards and unable to manage much offense. Rodriguez was game and landed his fair share of hard shots, but in the end Shultz pocketed a dominant unanimous decision victory!!!

Hernandez to be Featured at Mountain Force MMA 1

SBG Athlete Stephanie Hernandez (1-2 MMA) looks to start another busy and successful competition season, March 17, in Logan, Utah at Mountain Force MMA. Hernandez will be taking on Kaycee Pearce of Preston, Utah in a Women’s Strawweight (115 lb) bout. Hernandez is coming off of a June win against Dana Hernandez at King of the Cage: Quick Draw and hopes to make it two in a row against Pearce. Stephanie is constantly improving and developing her game and we look forward to seeing more of that continued growth March 17 in Logan, Utah!

Ricky Steele Revealed As TUF 27 Cast Member

SBG Idaho athlete and undefeated professional mixed martial artist, Ricky Steele (5-0), will be appearing on The Ultimate Fighter 27: The Undefeated. The 27th edition of the UFC’s long-running reality series, will feature athletes in both the featherweight (145 lb) and lightweight (155 lb) division. Adding another layer of intrigue to this season will be the fact that no fighter on the show has tasted defeat as a professional.

Coaches for this season will be UFC Heavyweight Champion, Stipe Miocic, and UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Cormier. Miocic and Cormier will fight for the heavyweight title in the main event of UFC 226 on July 7 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

We are also excited to note that another undefeated SBG athlete, lightweight Richie Smullen (3-0-1) of SBG Ireland, will also be appearing alongside Steele this season! Further proof of SBG’s reputation as the premier martial arts organization in the world!!! TUF 27 will premier April 18 on FS1.

Below is a full list of competitors (name, professional record, age and fighting out of):

TUF 27 Lightweights

  • Thailand Clark – 7-0 | 28 | Fort Worth, Texas
  • Joe Giannetti – 6-0 | 22 | Norwell, Mass.
  • John Gunther – 6-0 | 32 | Cleveland, Ohio
  • José Martinez Jr.– 4-0 | 27 | Lorain, Ohio
  • Luis Peña – 4-0 | 24 | Hillsboro, Miss. by way of Naples, Italy
  • Richie Smullen – 3-0-1 | 26 | Arklow, Ireland
  • Mike Trizano – 6-0 | 25 | Ramsey, N.J.
  • Allan Zuniga – 13-0 | 25 | San Miguel, Costa Rica

TUF 27 Featherweights

  • Jay Cucciniello – 8-0 | 31 | Malaga, Spain by way of Dublin, Ireland
  • Tyler Diamond – 9-0 | 26 | Oroville, Calif.
  • Brad Katona – 6-0 | 25 | Dublin, Ireland by way of Winnipeg, Canada
  • Bryce Mitchell – 9-0 | 23 | Cabot, Ark.
  • Suman Mokhtarian – 8-0 | 25 | Sydney, Australia
  • Dulani Perry – 4-0 | 31 | Houston, Texas
  • Kyler Phillips – 5-0 | 22 | Surprise, Ariz.
  • Ricky Steele – 5-0 | 29 | Boise, Ida.


Annual Matt Thornton Seminar Set for April 14 and 15!

Straight Blast Gym International founder and president, Matt Thornton, will be coming back to Boise for a two day seminar, April 14-15!!!

The seminar will be broken into two, 2-hour sessions, both Saturday the 16th and Sunday the 17th- 10am-noon, followed by a one hour lunch, then 1-3pm. Students from other schools and affiliations are all welcome. Anyone who has had the privilege to learn from Coach Thornton can tell you the insight he gives is an invaluable asset to your game, regardless of skill level or experience!

Come experience the SBG teaching method from the man New York Times Best-Selling Author, Sam Harris, calls, “…one of the clearest Martial Arts instructors I have come across.” This is an opportunity you do not want to miss! Registration is available now at the Front Desk or at Store.CombatFitness.com.