FSF 12 Photos

Some great photos taken by Lisa Jordan at Front Street Fights 12 (May 12, 2017, CenturyLink Arena, Boise, ID). Check them out!!!

Noah Shultz (CF/SBG Idaho) vs Justin McCormick






Ben Hollier (CF/SBG Idaho) vsJohnBoy McComas




Brandon Todd (CF/SBG Idaho) vs Michael Garcia







Matt Jones (CF/SBG Idaho) vs Carson Frei











Jesse Brock (CF/SBG Idaho) vs Noah Ali












Arteaga Comes Up Short At Combate 14



May 5, 2017 SBG Idaho Coach, Freddy Arteaga, came up short in his matchup against Heinrich Wassmer at Combate Americas 14, at the Ventura County Fairgrounds in Ventura, California. Wassmer utilized an active kicking game early, to keep Arteaga at range. Wassmer threw kicks to the legs and head of Arteaga, in particular the left calf, when he moved into range. Several of the calf kicks seem to have injured Arteaga’s leg. Wassmer is able to secure a takedown against the cage as Arteaga closes distance. Arteaga is quick back to his feet, but gets taken down again against the cage. Wassmer secures back control, and begins to hunt for the rear naked choke, but Arteaga defends successfully until the bell.

Round 2 begins with Arteaga coming out aggressively, backing Wassmer up with hard combinations. Wassmer is able to gain another takedown as Arteaga closes the distance. Wassmer again is able to secure the back and hunt for submissions while peppering with strikes. Arteaga defends well and eventually reverses the position, securing top control and a kimura lock. Wassmer is able to defend the hold and in transition Arteaga locks in a guillotine that he uses to sweep to the mount position. Wassmer is again able to defend the hold and reverses the position into Arteaga’s closed guard where he is forced to defend a triangle attempt, before landing some ground and pound of his own.

Round 3 follows a similar pattern, with Arteaga coming out aggressively, landing hard shots that back Wassmer up to the cage. Wassmer is able to land a takedown but Arteaga stands and land a big uppercut against the cage, before taking Wassmer down. The two flyweights exchange on the ground before Wassmer is able to regain his feet and secure another takedown. Arteaga is aggressive from his back, but unable to secure a submission. Wassmer is awarded a unanimous decision from the judges.

As always, we are incredibly proud of our coaches that lead from the front put it on the line in competition! Coach Freddy displayed great skill and courage in this fight and will certainly learn from this experience and come out a better martial artist for it!!!

FSF 12 Fight Videos

Here are the videos from the fights last weekend-


Front Street Fights 12, May 12, 2017, CenturyLink Arena, Boise, ID

Noah Shultz (Combat Fitness/SBG Idaho) vs Justin McCormick

Front Street Fights 12, May 12, 2017, CenturyLink Arena, Boise, ID

Ben Hollier (Combat Fitness/SBG Idaho) vs Johnboy McComas

Front Street Fights 12, May 12, 2017, CenturyLink Arena, Boise, ID

Brandon Todd (Combat Fitness/SBG Idaho) vs Michael Garcia

Front Street Fights 12, May 12, 2017, CenturyLink Arena, Boise, ID

Matt Jones (Combat Fitness/SBG Idaho) vs Carson Frei

Front Street Fights 12, May 12, 2017, CenturyLink Arena, Boise, ID

Jesse Brock (Combat Fitness/SBG Idaho) vs Noah Ali

FSF 12 Results


May 12, 2017 The premier MMA promotion in the Pacific Northwest, Front Street Fights, returned to CenturyLink Arena in downtown Boise, Idaho, for another installment of exciting, faced paced MMA action! As usual, SBG Idaho was well represented, with five athletes competing that night. Everyone prepared like professionals and delivered skilled, exciting performances! Results are as follows-

Noah Shultz (CF/SBG Idaho) winner over Justin McCormick via Submission (Rear Naked Choke), 1:21, Round 1 Making his MMA debut at 18 years old (the youngest in the history of the promotion), Shultz wasted little time delivering on the promise his coaches have seen in the training room. After a brief striking exchange, Shultz ducked under a McCormick punch to score a textbook double leg and secure side control. Shultz maintained the position briefly before moving to mount and posturing up to land strong ground and pound. McCormick quickly gave up his back to avoid punishment, and Shultz immediately secured the back and the fight ending rear naked choke! Congrats Noah, the sky is the limit!!!


Ben Hollier (CF/SBG Idaho) lost to  JohnBoy McComas via Submission (Guillotine Choke), 00:35, Round 1 In the final amateur fight of the evening, McComas scored a submission victory over Hollier. However, the results were marred by the unsportsmanlike actions of McComas, who threw a spinning backfist that connected, while Hollier was extending his arm for the pre-fight glove touch. While the prize fighting mantra of “protect yourself at all times” can certainly be applied here, it is worth noting that McComas is the one who extended his hand first. As Hollier extended his own hand to reciprocate the supposed act of sportsmanship, McComas quickly withdrew his to initiate the spinning attack. Hollier was able to regain his composure momentarily, before shooting in quickly to secure a double leg against the fence. In shooting in however, Hollier left his neck exposed allowing McComas to secure a tight guillotine choke and elicit the tap. While the unsportsmanlike act was not the cause of the finish, Hollier was obviously rocked and momentarily compromised by the cheap shot. Unfortunately, this cowardly act overshadowed a very anticipated and compelling fight. Respect to Ben for maintaining his composure and sportsmanship during trying circumstances.

Brandon Todd (CF/SBG Idaho) winner over  Michael Garcia via Submission (Kneebar), 2:38, Round 2 SBG Idaho newcomer, Brandon Todd, impressed in his first sanctioned professional fight, submitting the always tough, Michael Garcia, with a second round kneebar. Garcia was able to secure a takedown early, but found himself escaping submission attempts from inside Todd’s closed guard. After several minutes Todd was able to return to his feet. With Garcia pressing him into the cage attempting to secure another takedown, Todd was able to establish a shoulder clinch and land strong knees to Garcia’s head and body for the remainder of the round, bloodying his face and disrupting his breathing. Round 2 began with Todd landing a few stinging kicks from range before closing the distance and landing a takedown. Garcia didn’t stay down for long though, regaining his feet and reversing the position with a takedown of his own. Todd’s versatility on the ground proved too much however, as he used a halfguard transition as Garcia attempted to stack him, to secure the kneebar and coax the tap. Great work Brandon, that was a tough win, and you earned it!


Matt Jones (CF/SBG Idaho) winner over  Carson Frei via KO (Spinning Elbow), 1:46, Round 3 In the evening’s most exciting fight, up and coming featherweight Matt Jones, KO’d fellow prospect, Carson Frei, via vicious spinning back elbow in round 3. Rounds 1 and 2 were very closely contested, with both athletes landing strong shots on the feet, exchanging takedowns, and engaing in competitive clinchwork. Most in attendance had the fight even at one round a piece going into the 3rd. Jones came out of the blocks quickly, attacking with his diverse kicking arsenal and keeping Frei at range. Frei fired back a few shots of his own and moved into the clinch. Jones was able to separate and go back to striking from the outside. Frei again bullied his way into the clinch landing several strong body shots before Jones was able to break free. Suddenly, as Frei moved to clinch once more, Jones unleashed a picture perfect spinning elbow that knocked Frei out cold. Congratulations Coach Jones, that was a thing of beauty!!!


Jesse Brock (CF/SBG Idaho) winner over  Noah Ali via Unanimous Decision (48-47, 50-45, 50-45) In the evening’s main event Jesse Brock picked up a hard fought unanimous decision victory over Noah Ali for the inaugural FSF Bantamweight title. Brock utilized a grappling heavy approach, scoring multiple takedowns in every round, utilizing suffocating clinch work, and landing timely kicks and punches to keep Ali on the defensive and guessing throughout the five round contest. Ali showed great determination and ability to escape, however, as Brock was unable to inflict much damage on the ground or achieve many dominant positions. When Ali was able to get back his feet, Brock’s experience showed, as he used his clinch work and defensive movement to take Ali down again. Though Brock was able to control the majority of the contest, he did have to survive his share of dangerous moments. In rounds 1, 4, and 5, Ali locked up a tight guillotine choke that had Brock struggling to free himself and left the hometown crowd holding their collective breath. Congrats Coach Brock on bringing the belt back to SBG Idaho!!!


SBG Dominates The 2017 NWSC

18199530_10210760749708012_4845657231124269136_n (1)

SBG’s Pacific Northwest contingent ran roughshod over the competition this past weekend at the 2017 Northwest Submission Challenge! Comprised of competitors from Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Montana, and Idaho, they took home medals, belts, money, and most importantly Adult Team Gi, Adult Team No-Gi, and Adult Team Overall banners for the third year in a row! SBG’s Growing Gorillas also had an outstanding showing taking the Kids Team Runner Up banner, missing out on a complete sweep by only a small margin! Men’s Absolute Divisions in Purple Belt, Brown Belt, Black Belt and Advanced No-Gi were swept by SBG competitors, Chris Meyers (Elko), Eddie Zeigler (Portland), Gus Nolte (Montana), and Scott Thometz (Idaho), respectively. SBG’s training methods are producing predictable, repeatable results, regardless of where in the world you train!

We are incredibly proud of all of our competitors for this year’s tournament. Each and every one put themselves in a position, win or lose, to challenge themselves and ensure that they were better than they were before they stepped on the mats. SBG has taken the overall team title three years in a row at the NWSC and we can’t wait to defend again next year!!!


FSF 12 Fight Card Update