Ferrall Set for Muay Thai Debut!!!

SBG Idaho kickboxer Zack Ferrall (1-1) makes his return to the ring tomorrow, October 11, at Fight Night Thriller from the 801 Event Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. The event will feature both boxing matches and full rules Muay Thai fights allowing elbows and extended clinch work. Ferrall will be taking on Kyle Harris in a 145 lb amateur bout. Ferrall last competed at Mountain Force Kickboxing in February, where we picked up a dominant unanimous decision win over Jon Fraumeni.

Ferrall has been hard a work continuing to improve his skills and is excited to test himself under the Muay Thai rule set. If you are looking to compete, or maybe you’re looking to get into the best shape of your life with a Tribe that supports you 110%, Click the “Wanna Train” link at the top of our page to set up your gym tour and FREE Introductory lesson with one of our world-class coaches this upcoming week! See you soon!

Halloween Party and Annual Dodgeball Tournament Set for October 26

October 26 will mark the 3rd SBG Idaho Annual Halloween Party/Dodgeball Tournament Fundraiser! Teams of five will compete for the title of GBC Idaho Dodgeball Champion! Will 2018 winner, Valyrian Steel repeat as champs, or will another dethrone them? $30 gets your team in on the fun and a chance to take home the highly coveted GBC Dodgeball Championship Trophy! We are limiting the bracket to eight, so get your squad signed up now. This year we will also hold a kids dodgeball tournament prior to the big event to get everyone warmed up for the fun!

As always we will have a potluck to accompany the tournament, and remember to dress up in your scariest costume! All funds will go to the Gorilla Booster Club, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals grow physically, mentally, and emotionally through competition.

Our athletes here at SBG Idaho travel far and wide to test themselves in BJJ, boxing, kickboxing, and MMA. Funds raised at this year’s event help cover costs such as hotels, gas/travel, and entry fees. We look forward to a spooky fun night of competition and bonding with our Tribe. See you October 26!!!

SBG Idaho Featured at FSF Tomorrow Night!!!


Front Street Fights returns to CenturyLink Arena Friday, October 4th, and once again Idaho’s premier team will be well represented – appearing in five of the six fights scheduled for the evening. In the night’s main event undefeated SBG Idaho welterweight, Kyle “Sub-Zero” Frost (3-0 MMA, 2-0 FSF) takes on Montana’s Gage “Nature Boy” Saunders (5-1 MMA, 0-0 FSF) in a fight that is sure to bring the fireworks! The night’s co-main event features a couple of Idaho MMA veterans as SBG Idaho’s Darrell “The Mexican Fiesta” Flores (6-5 MMA, 0-1 FSF) returns to the cage after a four year absence to take on Kerry “The Batterer” Lattimer (14-22 MMA, 0-2 FSF) in a lightweight bout. Flores has made incredible strides in his overall MMA game since joining the team and we can’t wait to see him start this next phase of his career! Rounding out themain card will be featherweight Ben Hollier (2-0, 0-0 FSF) stepping in on short notice to take on Doug Collins, who makes his professional debut. Hollier picked up his second professional victory just two weeks ago, winning via second round armbar over Zachariah Thorne at MTF 12. 

The evening’s amateur bouts will feature undefeated SBG Idaho athletes Briley Streeter and Matt Cantwell. Matt Cantwell (2-0 MMA, 0-0 FSF) makes his Front Street Fights debut after an incredible knock-out win at Boise’s Wimp 2 Warrior Fight Night back in August. He hopes for a repeat performance as he takes on Reign Training Center’s Tanner Chapman (5-4-1 MMA, 0-1 FSF) at lightweight. In bantamweight action, undefeated Briley Streeter (2-0 MMA, 1-0 FSF) will be looking for another neck to take home as he locks horns with Tryston Hutchinson (2-0 MMA, 1-0 FSF). Both of Streeter’s victories have come by way of choke and he’s hoping for a repeat performance on October 4th!

The night’s original main event was to feature FSF bantamweight champion Jesse Brock who was to take on tough Utah’s Fabio Serrao in a five round title defense. Unfortunately, Serrao was injured in training and the promotion was unable to secure a last minute replacement. While we are incredibly disappointed in this development, we look forward to Coach Jesse to defend his title in the future.

We can’t wait to see the SBG Idaho Tribe out showing their support Friday, October 4th, at CenturyLink Arena, in the heart of beautiful downtown Boise, Idaho. For more information on the event go to www.centurylinkarena.com and as always show support to our athletes! If you are looking to compete, or maybe you’re looking to get into the best shape of your life with a tribe that supports you 110%, Click the “Wanna Train” link at the top of our page to set up your gym tour and FREE Introductory lesson with one of our world-class coaches this upcoming week! See you soon!


Back to School Buddy Week – September 23-27!!!

The school year is once again upon us, and what better time than Buddy Week to introduce a friend to the fun, healthy, stress reliever of martial arts and fitness! We can’t wait to have the gym buzzing and our mats full of new faces September 23rd through the 27th! During Buddy Week, you are able to bring a friend or family member to the gym to train with you for FREE! For each buddy you bring, you will get a raffle ticket for a spin on the prize wheel and a free month of training for your buddy!
Be sure to arrive a little early to ensure your buddy is able to fill out a liability waiver, or you can even grab one from the front desk the day before to save some time! Consultants will be available after class for any buddies that are interested in continuing the fun after Buddy Week ends!
We’ll see you all on the mats September 23rd-27th!

Steele Victorious on Contender Series!!!

SBG Idaho MMA athlete, and undefeated prospect, Ricky Steele added another notch to the win column last week when he defeated fellow undefeated prospect, Phil Caracappa via split decision on Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series at the Apex Theater in Las Vegas, Nevada (aitred live on ESPN+).

Steele (6-0, 1-0 DWTNCS) was light on his feet from the start, darting in and out of Caracappa’s (8-1, 0-1 DWTNCS) range, landing sharp kicks to the legs and body. Caracappa rushes to the clinch behind some wild punches, pinning Steele to the cage. Steele gains inside control and separates shortly after. Steele is beginning to mix in some punches behind his stinging kicks. Caracappa comes in hard again, nearly eating a counter knee from Steele before pushing him up against the cage. More pummeling from both men before Caracappa manages to get Steele to a knee with a single leg. His success is short-lived however, as Steele gets back up and quickly separates back to the center of the cage. More kicks land for Steele, who is beginning to target the body and head a bit more. Another blitz from Caracappa leads to a bodylock and a takedown in the center of the cage. Steele does well to retain guard and control the posture of Caracappa. Steele creates space and stands, but Caracappa manages to take his back. Steele patently reverses to the top position, landing a few punches as the horn sounds.

Steele begins round two landing a strong left head kick, followed by a right front kick and follow-up right hand that drops Caracappa to the mat. Steele winds up in knee on belly where he begins unleashing punches and elbows. To his credit, Caracappa manages to recover to his feet only to be met with knees from Steele, who then separates back to center-cage. A Caracappa blitz puts them back on the cage before Steele reverses the position and lands a strong right elbow, followed by knees, shoulder strikes, punches, and a murderous spinning elbow that just misses Caracappa’s head. The two separate with seconds to go and Caracappa falls on a head kick attempt with Steele finishing the round on top.

The final round sees a visibly fresher Steele circling well, while darting in and out, landing sharp punches and kicks to the legs body and head of Caracappa. Another blitz from Caracappa sees him land a few solid punches before clinching. Steele again, reverses the position before going to work with an array of elbows, knees, and shoulder strikes. With two minutes remaining, Caracappa lands two huge elbows just behind the ear of Steele, whose legs become wobbly. Caracappa swarms but Steele manages to circle away before changing levels and taking the chasing Caracappa to the mat. Caracappa locks in a guillotine choke on the way down, but Steele defends well before freeing his head and landing several hard shots from top just before the round ends.

In the end Steele was awarded a split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28) over a young, undefeated prospect. Steele showed great skill and poise in all phases of the fight as well as a champion’s heart when it mattered most! Congrats Ricky on another fantastic performance!

Special thank you to all the coaches, training partners, and Tribe members who supported Ricky in this fight! If you are looking to compete, or maybe you’re looking to get into the best shape of your life with a Tribe that supports you 110%, Click the “Wanna Train” link at the top of our page to set up your Gym Tour and FREE Introductory lesson with one of our world-class coaches this upcoming week! See you soon!!!

SBG Idaho Athletes Turn in Strong Performances at FFL!

Last weekend’s Fusion Fight League event, Fights Under the Lights 5 (Centene Stadium, Great Falls, Montana), saw SBG Idaho athletes Kyle Aslami and Riley Timmons turn in strong performances in the cage! 

Aslami (2-3, 0-2 FFL) dropped a unanimous decision to Chaz Marsicano, in a competitive bout which saw Aslami nearly pull off the third round comeback. Marsicano wasted no time closing the distance on Aslami, who defended the initial takedown attempt well. The second effort by Marsicano against the cage saw him manage to get the fight to the ground. Aslami was able to neutralize Marsicano from bottom for the most part, but was unable to improve his position until just before the round ended, reversing Marsicano’s back control. The second round saw a repeat of the same strategy from Marsicano, using his initial attack to put Aslami on the cage and a second effort from there to take the fight down. Again, Aslami’s submission defense and positional grappling kept him in the fight, but he was unable to return the fight back to standing. Down two rounds Aslami needed a finish in the third, but again Marsicano used strong chain wrestling to get the fight to the ground quickly. Aslami showed better urgency this time and managed to reverse position again before standing the fight up with about 1:30 remaining. Marsicano desperately dove for the takedown, but Aslami sprawled well and began landing punches on the quickly tiring Marsicano. Aslami pressured Marsicano around the perimeter of the cage before dropping him with a left head kick. Aslami dove on him quickly to attempt a finish, but Marsicano managed to close his guard and tie him up briefly. Aslami postured up and separated, gesturing for Marsicano to stand. He obliged, but shot immediately, and pulled Aslami into his guard when he sprawled. With time running out Aslami attempted to finish with strikes from top, but was unable to secure the finish before time expired. Though he came up a bit short on the scorecards, Kyle showed great composure and heart with the near-comeback victory!

Up next was Timmons (4-1 MMA, 1-0 FFL), who scored a third round TKO over Lauren Wolfe in a featured women’s bout. Timmons closed the distance behind strong punches and secured underhooks against the cage. Using superior head position and pummeling, Timmons began landing strong knees to the shorter Wolfe. Wolfe attempted a throw in response, but Timmons countered, landing on top in side control. Timmons quickly transitioned to mount and began raining down strong punches to the turtled Wolfe. Referee Dave Evans was close to stopping the bout, but Wolfe managed to move just enough to remain in the fight and see the end of the round. Round two began the same as the first with Timmons using strong boxing to close the distance and clinch in the center of the cage. Wolfe attempted another throw, which Timmons countered, but her momentum allowed Wolfe to reverse all the way into mount. Wolfe spent the remainder of the round alternating between mount and back control while attacking with strikes and rear naked choke attempts. Timmons maintained her composure, however, and survived to see the bell. With the fight coming down to the final round, both women looked determined and focused. Timmons stuck to the gameplan and again closed the distance with strong punches before pinning Wolfe against the cage and executing another takedown. She again transitioned to mount and went to work with ground and pound. Wolfe nearly managed to escape by throwing both legs over and pulling Timmons backwards, but Timmons hustled back on top to regain her position. Unleashing a steady stream of punches from the mount position, the referee was finally forced to stop the bout, awarding Timmons her third straight TKO victory!

As always, we are incredibly proud of our athletes that choose to test themselves in competition. Both Kyle and Riley displayed skill, courage, and class inside and out of the cage! Special thanks to all the coaches and training partners that gave their time to help these two prepare. If you are looking to compete, or maybe you’re looking to get into the best shape of your life with a tribe that supports you 110%, Click the “Wanna Train” link at the top of our page to set up your Gym Tour and FREE Introductory lesson with one of our world-class coaches this upcoming week! See you soon!