SBG Idaho To Host CPR & AED Training Course

In an effort to provide not only the best coaching and training methods, but also the safest and most well prepared staff- SBG Idaho will be hosting a CPR training and certification course on Saturday, March 30!

This training will be required for all our coaches, as we seek to stay current on the latest emergency procedure protocol. However, it will also be made available to our students and general public. The seminar will run from 3-5pm, and the cost is $35 per individual.

If you are in need of current CPR credentials or simply interested in acquiring life saving knowledge, please contact us by phone, email, or in person to get signed up!

Hollier Makes Professional MMA Debut at MTF 8, March 30

SBG Idaho athlete, Ben Hollier, will make his professional mixed martial arts debut, Saturday, March 30 at Mountain Force MMA 9! Hollier will be taking on Utah native, Anthony Pagliaro (3-5 MMA, 0-0 MTF) in a catchweight bout of 140 lb. MTF 9 takes place at the Cache County Event Center on Saturday, March 30.

Ben has been hard at work preparing for his transition to the pro ranks! We are proud of his effort and look forward to a great performance!

For more information on the event or to purchase tickets, go to

Cruz Captures FSF MMA Gold!!!

SBG Idaho MMA athletes were front and center on Friday, February 1, as Front Street Fights once again invaded CenturyLink Arena in downtown Boise, Idaho, with high octane MMA action!

The evening’s main event saw Andrew Cruz (6-3 MMA, 2-1 FSF) lay claim to the Featherweight Title with a 3rd round TKO over veteran Drew Brokenshire. On the amateur undercard, Briley Streeter (2-0 MMA, 1-0 FSF) recorded his own TKO stoppage over Tim Cameron in the 2nd round, while Kyle Aslami (2-2 MMA, 2-1 FSF) dropped a tough majority decision to powerful wrestler, Tryston Hutchinson.

Fight breakdown as follows-

Kyle Aslami (SBG Idaho) lost to Tryston Hutchinson via Majority Decision (28-28, 30-26, 30-26)

Both fighters meet near the center with Aslami circling the outside. Some sharp punches and kicks land for Aslami as Hutchinson creeps closer. Suddenly, Hutchinson explodes for the double leg and gets it, but Aslami is back to his feet quickly. Hutchinson pursues him to the cage and locks up a standing cradle, slamming him back to the ground. Aslami works up to one knee, and Hutchinson secures one hook, throwing hard punches and hunting for Aslami’s neck. Aslami manages to stand against the cage several times, but can’t quite break the grip of Hutchinson, who slings him back down to the mat, finishing the round on top.

Round 2 sees both fighters circling around the outside. A short check hook for Aslami lands, as Hutchinson steps into range. A quick shot by Hutchinson, puts Aslami down briefly, put he is up right away. But, like earlier, Hutchinson stays tight against the cage and drags Aslami back to the mat. Aslami transitions from half guard back to full guard before making space and standing. Some solid punches and kicks land for Aslami as Hutchinson moves away. Hutchinson is clearly winded, but Aslami is being cautious of the takedown. Suddenly, a hard lead hook lands for Aslami, dropping Hutchinson briefly to a knee. Hutchinson shoots, but is easily stuffed as the round ends.

Round 3 begins much like the previous, with both fighters circling cautiously. A quick Hutchinson shot is stuffed nicely by Aslami, who counters with a few stiff punches and kicks. Another Hutchinson shot is stopped, and more single strike counters from Aslami. Hutchinson fires back a few of his own, but Aslami is landing the sharper blows. Hutchinson level changes nicely, securing a single and transitioning to a double. Aslami reclaims full guard and looks for a triangle choke. Hutchinson is able to pass the legs by and finishes the round on Aslami’s back with one hook in as the bell sounds. Great fight Kyle, despite the loss, you showed strong improvement in your takedown defense and grappling against a bigger, stronger opponent!


Briley Streeter (SBG) winner over Tim Cameron via TKO, 2:49 Round 2

The fight begins quickly with Streeter throwing a quick right hand into a double leg as Cameron closes in. Cameron immediately locks up a guillotine choke, and it is very tight. Streeter stays calm, and manages to frame against Cameron’s face, loosening the choke just enough to free his head. Streeter is inside Cameron’s closed guard, and Cameron is doing well controlling Streeter’s head and arms, making it difficult for him to posture and strike. A nice sweep by Cameron sees Streeter on bottom with Cameron inside his closed guard. Streeter is hunting for a triangle and Cameron stands to avoid the choke. Streeter uses the opportunity to upkick Cameron in the chest and stand. Cameron fires back with a headkick of his own that lands. Streeter responds with a big double leg against the cage and passes to half guard, finishing the round on top.

Round 2 begins and both fighters fire headkicks at each other. Cameron manages to duck under Streeter’s and secures a takedown. Streeter is stacked against the cage, but is working well off his back controlling Cameron’s posture and wrists. Streeter now has a triangle in place, but Cameron manages to slip out. More maneuvering on the ground and Streeter lands another triangle, and this one is tight. Cameron is fighting hard but Streeter adjusts the angle and Cameron falls limp. The referee, Tom Supnet, doesn’t seem to realize, however. Streeter begins to unload hard punches to the head of the unconscious Cameron until Supnet is forced to intervene. Congrats Briley on a great performance, you showed great resolve and calm under pressure!


Andrew Cruz (SBG Idaho) winner over Drew Brokenshire via TKO, 4:05 Round 3

Round 1 begins with Cruz engaging immediately with strikes into the clinch, where he is able to secure a quick bodylock takedown. Brokenshire uses butterfly hooks to make space and stand against the cage. Cruz secured the rear waistlock and goes to work with short punches and knees. Brokenshire rolls for a kneebar which Cruz manages to defend and Brokenshire again manages to stand against the cage. Cruz pursues Brokenshire around the perimeter of the fence as he attempts to circle free, and secures another bodylock takedown. Brokenshire manages to sit up with his back to the cage but eats a hard knee to the chest and strong punches to the head for his trouble. As Brokenshire turns away, Cruz is able to step over into mount, and immediately moves to attack Brokenshire’s arm. Brokenshire rolls away and gives up his back and Cruz hunts for the rear naked choke. Brokenshire is moving well, but Cruz is all over him threatening with submissions and strikes from mount and back control. The round ends with Cruz landing hard strikes from Brokenshire’s open guard.

Round 2 sees both fighters engage again quickly and a hard right hand into the clinch from Cruz opens up a cut over the left eye of Brokenshire. Cruz pursues the double leg, but Brokenshire defends well. Cruz transitions between upper body clinch and a shot before finally landing a bodylock takedown near the cage. Brokenshire makes space with his butterfly guard and lands a sharp upkick as Cruz stands. Cruz pressures forward and stacks Brokenshire against the fence, passing the legs by and crouching over a seated Brokenshire, while landing short punches and elbows. Brokenshire suddenly springs to his feet and drives Cruz back to the fence where he secures a double leg takedown of his own. Cruz is hunting for a guillotine choke, but can’t secure the grip. Brokenshire passes to side control, before standing in Cruz’s open guard, landing punches to Cruz’s body. Some brief scrambling occurs as Cruz threatens a sweep, but Brokenshire maintains control and finishes the round on top, throwing punches.

Round 3 begins with Brokenshire coming forward with punches, but Cruz is able to circle away safely. Another Brokenshire blitz is countered by a brief clinch from Cruz, before Brokenshire reverses and attempts a takedown of his own. Cruz attacks a guillotine, but doesn’t quite have the right angle. Brokenshire defends the choke and settles into Cruz’s halfguard. Brokenshire steps over into mount briefly, but Cruz manages to return him to halfguard. An arm triangle choke threatens for Brokenshire, but Cruz defends. Returning to full guard, Cruz snatches a straight arm lock, forcing Brokenshire to roll to his back. In transition, Cruz secures mount and begins raining down hard punches and elbows. Brokenshire gives up his back to avoid damage, but Cruz stays glued to him and continues to punch. Brokenshire is unable to stem the tide of Cruz’s onslaught, and referee Tom Supnet has no choice but to step in. Congratulations Andrew on your best performance to date, and becoming the Front Street Fights Featherweight Champion!

As always, thanks you to our athletes that represent themselves and the gym with courage and class. Thank you to all the coaches and training partners for the countless hours spent helping prepare everyone for battle. Finally, thank you to the SBG Tribe here in Idaho and around the world for all the great support! One Tribe, One Vibe!!!

Arteaga Gunning For Bellator MMA Gold April 27!!!

After her last victory, a second round submission over Bellator Kickboxing Champion, Denise Kielholtz, SBG Idaho’s Veta Arteaga lobbied the Bellator brass for a title shot – and they listened. April 27 at the SAP Center in San Jose, California, Arteaga looks to raise championship gold when she squares off against the defending flyweight champion, Ilima-Lei McFarlane!

Arteaga (5-2 MMA, 4-2 BMMA) has been sensational in her past two fights – dispatching two-time title challenger, Emily Ducote back in July, and then the aforementioned Kielholtz this past September in her hometown of Boise, Idaho. McFarlane (9-0 MMA, 8-0 BMMA) is Bellator’s first women’s flyweight champion and a promotional darling. McFarlane recently submitted former UFC straw weight title challenger, Valerie Letourneau, in her home state of Hawaii this past December.

We are incredibly excited to see Veta bring a World Championship back home! She is just beginning to scratch the surface of her potential and we can’t wait to see her improved skillset on display in April! Be sure to show your support as she prepares for her best performance yet!!!

For more information on the event or to purchase tickets to watch it live, go to


SBG Idaho Athletes Set For MTF Kickboxing This Saturday!!!

SBG Idaho kickboxers, Zack Ferrall and Tim Wanless head down to Farmington, Utah this Saturday, February 23 for Mountain Force Kickboxing 2. Ferrall returns to the kickboxing ring after a seven year hiatus, taking on John Fraumeni at 145 lb. Wanless will be making his kickboxing debut when he toes the line against Michael Dukes at 185 lb. Santiago Moreno was originally scheduled to compete, however a short notice injury to his opponent, Robin Hurx, caused the 155lb contest to be cancelled.

All bouts will be contested under the (ABC) Association of Boxing Commission ruleset, and will consist of 3, 2 min rounds.

The event will take place at the Legacy Event Center. Doors open at 6pm, fights start at 7pm. These guys have been working hard, and are excited to perform! Shoot them a supportive message or wish them well when you see them around the gym!!!

For more information on the event or to purchase tickets, please visit

Akers Victorious At MTF MMA 7!!!

SBG Idaho athlete, David Akers, kicked off the 2019 MMA competition season with a first round submission win over Aaron Jennings, at Mountain Force MMA 7, January 26 at the Mountain View Events Center in Pocatello, Idaho.

Akers (2-3, MMA, 1-0 MTF) opened the fight circling the outside, using feints to keep Jennings guessing. Jennings switched stances in an attempt to cut the cage off and was met with a kick to the head by Akers. Pressing Akers towards the fence, Jennings came forward with a kick of his own, only to have Akers catch it before ducking out the back and grabbing a rear waist lock. Jennings moved to the cage in an attempt to free himself. Akers quickly climbed to the back, securing both hooks and the fight-ending rear naked choke!

Congratulations David on a fantastic performance! We’re proud of the work you put in preparing and excited to watch you continue to grow as an athlete and martial artist!!!