Arteaga Returns To Bellator Cage!!!


SBG Idaho Coach and professional MMA athlete, Veta Arteaga will make her third Bellator appearance on Saturday, February 18, at Bellator 172: Fedor vs Mitrione. The event will take place at the SAP Center in San Jose, California.

Arteaga (2-1, 1-1 BMMA) will take on Brook Mayo (0-0, 0-0 BMMA) in a professional flyweight (125 lb) contest. Arteaga last appeared in the Bellator cage this past September, where she found herself on the wrong end of a closely contested and controversial split decision loss to promotional poster girl, Anastasia Yankova. Veta will look to rebound in a big way against Mayo, who will be making her professional debut after a successful amateur career that saw her amass a 6-1 record.

Coach Veta’s fight will be on the undercard that evening and can be viewed on the free live stream beginning at 5pm MT/7pm ET.

Travis Davison Seminar, February 4-5!!!


SBG Vice President and Black Belt Coach, Travis Davison, will be visiting SBG Idaho for a two day jiu-jitsu seminar in early February!

Known as “The Bull” for his tireless work ethic and no-excuses attitude, Coach Davison is both a wealth of inspiration, as well as technical knowledge.

The seminar will be from noon-3pm both Saturday, February 4th and Sunday, February 5th. This seminar is open to anyone interested in improving their jiu-jitsu skills and bettering their mental outlook on training! As Coach Travis is fond of saying, “Steers try, bulls get it done.”

The cost is $80 for all SBG members and $100 for all non-members.

FSF 10 Fight Videos

Here are the videos from our athletes’ fights at Front Street Fights 10 in Boise, ID, two weekends ago.


Front Street Fights 10, December 9, 2016, CenturyLink Arena, Boise, ID

Kyle Frost (Combat Fitness/SBG Idaho) vs. Chris Hunt

Front Street Fights 10, December 9, 2016, CenturyLink Arena, Boise, ID

Ben Hollier (Combat Fitness/SBG Idaho) vs. Vincent De La Fuente

Front Street Fights 10, December 9, 2016, CenturyLink Arena, Boise, ID

Mike Fuentes (Combat Fitness/SBG Idaho) vs. Paul Crawford

Front Street Fights 10, December 9, 2016, CenturyLink Arena, Boise, ID

Darneal Stephens (Combat Fitness/SBG Idaho) vs. Abraham Campos

Front Street Fights 10, December 9, 2016, CenturyLink Arena, Boise, ID

Shino Van Hoose (Combat Fitness/SBG Idaho) vs. Sarah Lagerstrom

Front Street Fights 10, December 9, 2016, CenturyLink Arena, Boise, ID

Andrew Cruz (Combat Fitness/SBG Idaho) vs. Vince Morales

Brock To Be Featured at Proving Grounds Invitational 2


SBG Idaho Coach Jesse Brock has been included in the list of competitors for Proving Grounds Invitational 2′s Lightweight Bracket. The second iteration of the tournament will be held in Layton, Utah and will be featuring high level purple and brown belt grapplers vying for a $500 grand prize. We look forward to Coach Jesse showing his skills off in January!


SBG Idaho With Another Strong Showing at FSF 10



December 9, 2016. CenturyLink Arena, in the heart of downtown Boise, hosted another outstanding night of fights at Front Street Fights 10. Once again SBG Idaho was well represented featuring 6 athletes on the 8 fight card.


Kyle Frost (SBG Idaho) defeated Chris Hunt via Rear Naked Choke Submission at 1:43 of Round 1. Frost engages the striking first before throwing a superman punch and changing levels for a beautiful double leg takedown and immediate back take, as Hunt turns away. Frost immediate looks for the choke and Hunt initially does a good job defending, but Frost’s control and patience in searching for the finish was too much for Hunt as he secured a body triangle and  finally sunk in the rear naked choke at 1:43 of the first round!


Ben Hollier (SBG Idaho) defeated Vincent De La Fuente via Unanimous Decision. In the only fight of the night to go to judge’s decision the former Boise State Bronco used outstanding control and ground and pound to defeat his opponent. Round 1 starts with Hollier keeping his range with a front kick to his opponent before shooting a single-leg and finishing with a big slam to the canvas. Hollier spends the remainder or the round controlling De La Fuente and softening his opponent with shots to the head and body. Round 2 starts similarly, Hollier throws a kick before shooting for a takedown that is initially defended by De La Fuente, but his persistence pays off as he drives his opponent to the mat and immediately passes to side control. Hollier then moves to mount, and then back control, flattening De La Fuente to the canvas and landing hard ground strikes. De La Fuente eventually re-guards and Hollier spends the rest of the round on top controlling from his opponent’s closed guard. Round 3 starts with De La Fuente trying to keep in striking range, but Hollier shoots in on a double that De La Fuentes defends back to his feet. But Hollier’s chain wrestling brings him right back to the mat in Hollier’s side control. De La Fuente connects his hands for a tight American from bottom side control that allows him to re-guard. De La Fuente, knowing he is down 2 rounds is a bit more active from his closed guard to try and finish, securing a Gogoplata with 30 seconds left. Hollier weathers the adversity and takes the fight by unanimous decision!


Paul Crawford defeated Mike Fuentes (SBG Idaho) via KO at :58 of Round 1 Both men begin the round gauging distance and landing low kicks before Crawford lands a hard left that puts Fuentes down to his butt. Fuentes recovers and lands a nice double leg takedown, landing in side control. Crawford does a good job using his underhook to get back to his feet and both men separate and restart. A Fuentes takedown attempt is defended and Crawford starts landing strikes to the grounded Fuentes. Fuentes attempts to scramble away, but as he turns Crawford lands a big left that causes referee Rulon Day to stop the fight at :58 of the first round.


Darneal Stephens (SBG Idaho) defeated Abraham Campos via TKO at 4:42 of Round 1 The round starts with both men throwing single strikes, feeling each other out. Campos pressures Stephens back with a combination and Stephens changes levels to put Campos on his back with a double leg takedown. Stephens postures up and rolls a hard elbow to the head of Campos, followed by some hard punches that cause the Oregon native to open his guard. Stephens attempts to pass the guard of Campos but Campos is able to get to an elbow and use a technical stand up to get to his feet, but not before Stephens lands a body kick and right hand before separating. Both men exchange hard kicks to the legs and bodies of their opponents, but nothing in combination with other strikes. Stephens lands a hard body kick and uses it to close distance and initiate a clinch with Campos. Stephens keeps his opponent against the fence and starts unloading strikes causing Campos to clinch before both men separate. Stephens catches a kick from Campos and uses it to take his opponent down, passing straight to mount where he unloads on Campos with strikes before the referee stops the fight at 4:42 of round 1.


Co-Main Event-Shino VanHoose (SBG Idaho) defeated Sarah Lagerstrom via TKO at 1:36 of Round 2 Lagerstrom immediately pressures into VanHoose, clinching her up against the cage. VanHoose does a great job reversing the position to put Lagerstrom against the cage, peppering her with knees before taking her down to the mat. VanHoose uses great control to keep her opponent to the mat before standing and tossing the legs aside to land in side control where she begins to attack Lagerstrom’s arm. Shino continues to control before passing to mount with 1 minute remaining in the round. Shino rains punches down on the Spokane native, causing her to give up her back where VanHoose continues to strike before working for a rear naked choke that is stopped by the first round horn. A slip from Lagerstrom after a spinning backfist attempt allows VanHoose top position where she passes to mount and swarms Lagerstrom with punches and elbows from the top allowing her to secure a high mount position. Vanhoose continues to deliver punishment from mount causing the referee to stop the fight at 1:36 of the second round.


Main Event for the FSF Featherweight Title Vince Morales defeated Andrew Cruz (SBG Idaho) via KO at 3:07 of Round 3 Both competitors come out of the gate swinging with Morales dropping Cruz early with a right hand. Cruz recovers and chases Morales down with strikes before changing levels for a double leg against the cage. Morales does a great job defending but Cruz finally drags him down to the mat 2 minutes into the round. Morales gets back to his feet but Cruz stays glued to his opponent with a body lock. Cruz keeps fighting for the takedown but Morales shows great hips and takedown defense against the cage. Cruz’s persistence pays off as he drags Morales down to the mat with a minute left in the round, landing strikes and controlling the position until the end of a fast paced first round. Round 2 starts with both men swinging hard punches before Cruz changes levels on a double leg takedown, eventually bringing Morales down to the mat. Morales lands some hard elbows from the bottom, but the SBG fighter shows great control, passing Morales’s guard and keeping top position and landing hard shots as Morales turtles up. Morales attempts to roll to sweep and reverse position as he has Cruz’s leg laced in his, but Cruz is able to free it and rains hard strikes on the turtled Morales from the top. Morales is finally able to get to his feet and separate with 1 minute left in the round and drops Cruz with a combination, following Cruz to his guard with ground and pound. Cruz is able to regain guard and immediately attempts an armbar from guard that he uses to reverse position and end the round on top, throwing hard punches and knees to the body of the grounded Morales. Round 3 starts with both men wearing the damage and wear from the pace of the fight. Cruz is keeping his hands low as Morales begins to pick his shots a little more. Cruz begins looking for takedowns and big punches with no set up that Morales is able to evade. Morales unloads with a fast, accurate combination that causes Cruz to shoot for a takedown that is defended. Morales begins landing punches and combinations at  will. Cruz lands a left high kick, followed by a leg kick. Morales seems unfazed and returns with a combination of his own, and another causing Cruz to shoot another takedown that is defended. Cruz separates and Morales walks him down, picking Cruz apart. Morales drops Cruz with a left hook, as Cruz gets back to his feet he catches a right from Morales that puts him back on his back. Morales swarms Cruz with punches from the top causing referee Tom Supnet to jump in and call the fight for your New Front Street Fights Featherweight Champion at 3:07 in the 3rd round of an incredible fight!

We want to thank our fighters and trainers for the hard work and dedication that was put into preparing for these fights. Even though they did not all go our way, our fighters continue to demonstrate great skill, dedication, and sportsmanship each and every time they compete. It is a testament to the culture of the gym and organization and why our fighters continue to fill Front Street Fights cards each and every event. Finally, hats off to the competitors and opponents for showing up and allowing our athletes to test themselves against quality opposition.

FSF 10 Updates


Due to an unfortunate injury to Cassie Robb, SBG Idaho’s Shino VanHoose has a new dance partner for December 9th. Shino will now take on Sarah Lagerstrom in the co-main event of Front Street Fights 10, in a professional atomweight (105 lb) showdown.

Another late addition to the amateur lineup that night will be SBG Idaho’s Michael Fuentes, taking on Paul Crawford at lightweight (155 lb).

These two will be joined by SBG Idaho athletes, Andrew Cruz, Darneal Stephens, Ben Hollier, and Kyle Frost. As always, we hope to see everyone at CenturyLink Arena in downtown Boise, Idaho, the night of December 9th, to cheer on our Tribe!!!