Carothers & Akers Turn In Strong Performances at FFL!

Two weeks ago, SBG Idaho athletes, David Akers and Billy Carothers, made the trek to Billings, Montana to compete in Fusion Fight League: Season’s Beatings. Both performed extremely well, and were able to showcase the improvements they’ve been working so hard in the gym for! Results are as follows-

David Akers (SBG Idaho) lost to Oscar Herrera via split decision.

The fight starts quickly with Akers using fakes and feints to back Herrera to the cage. Akers closes distance and secures a double leg takedown, but is unable to maintain control for long. Herrera returns to his feet, but Akers keeps his back pinned to the cage, landing short punches to the head. They eventually separate, and Akers resumes pressuring Herrera towards the fence. Herrera begins utilizing his reach advantage and low kicks to keep Akers at bay and score points. After several exchanges, Akers catches a Herrera low kick and hustles him to the ground, just before the first round ends. Round 2 sees Herrera again relying on long punches and low kicks to keep Akers at bay. Akers is able to land several hard right hands over the top, but the low kicks are beginning to slow him down. Midway through the round, Akers closes distance and secures another takedown along the fence. He does well to posture and control Herrera’s feet while improving position, but Herrera is able to kick away into a backwards roll, and return to standing. The two again exchange, and Herrera gains a takedown of his own just before the round ends. Round 3 begins with Akers again taking the center and pressuring towards the cage, but Herrera is timing the low kicks well, and limiting Akers’ mobility. Akers is throwing hard shots in the exchanges, but is coming up a bit short. Akers clinches, but can’t maintain control for long, and the round ends with Herrera striking from long range while Akers attempts to close distance.

We are incredibly proud of David’s effort! In only his second fight ever, he dropped a very close decision to a veteran of seven fights, while also giving up a significant size advantage!



Billy Carothers (SBG Idaho) winner over Jon Alford via Submission, RNC Round 2

Carothers takes the center quickly and lands a hard straight left, and then another, before clinching Alford against the fence. After some jockeying for position, Carothers secured a double leg. Alford does well to close his guard and control Carothers’ posture, while landing elbows from his back. Carothers postures and attempts to pass, but ends up on bottom in a scramble. Alford looks to move to mount, but Carothers is able to recover his half guard, make space, and return to his feet. A strong Carothers double leg shortly after, puts Alford back on the mat. Alford attacks a leg lock, but Carothers is able to defend and posture, where he lands hard punches and elbows until the round ends. Round two sees both men exchange briefly, before carothers lands a hard left hand behind a body kick, hurting Alford and causing him to turn away. Carothers quickly takes the back and brings him to the mat. Carothers is able to sink his arm under the chin of Alford and lads a few hard shots to the head with his free hand before latching on the fight ending RNC!

Great work Billy, you showed well rounded skills in the cage, and made some excellent adjustments in between rounds! Very proud of you!





FSF 15 Set for January 19!


Front Street Fights is kicking of 2018 with a great lineup that will feature many SBG Idaho athletes and alumni athletes. FSF 15 will once again be coming to you from CenturyLink Arena in downtown Boise, Idaho, on Friday, January 19. In the night’s Main Event, World Series of Fighting  veteran, Brandon “Hot Rod” Hempleman (10-3 MMA, 0-1 FSF) returns after a lengthy hiatus, to take on Vince “Vandetta” Morales (6-1 MMA, 4-1 FSF) in a bantamweight fight that is sure to produce fireworks! The pro card will also feature the return of SBG Idaho alumni, Elmar Umarov (1-0 MMA, 1-0 FSF), who will be taking on Michael Garcia in an exciting lightweight matchup!

The amateur card will feature the return of SBG Idaho coach Noah Shultz (1-2 MMA, 1-1 FSF), and the MMA debut of young Almir Talic!  Also appearing that night will be former SBG Idaho athlete Brent Fisher (1-0 MMA), who returns to Boise after moving to Spokane earlier this year!

SBG Idaho prides itself on continually producing top notch professional and amateur athletes for the best MMA promotion in the state! Tickets are currently available from our athletes and we look forward to packing the house with the SBG Idaho Tribe!!!

Grappling Industries Tournament Comes to Boise February 10!



Boise’s competition scene kicks off early this new year, as Grappling Industries is adding Boise to their 2018 schedule! This year’s tournament will occur February 10 at Fairmont Junior High School.

Grappling Industries is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Submission-Wrestling tournament. Grappling Industries tournaments follow Round Robin formatting, meaning that all adult competitors get 4 matches and all kids competitors get 3 matches just for signing up for a division that fields up to 4 or 5 competitors. That means if you compete in both Gi and NoGi you could get over eight matches! This allows you to compete against many different people that you have never competed against before, giving you the experience you deserve. Grappling Industries aims to be the middlemen between grapplers and gyms everywhere. Grappling Industries’ mission is to put on the most organized, awarding, and experiencing round robin Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Submission-Wrestling tournaments in the most professional and evolved manner. Committed to creating an enabling environment, conducive to the development of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Submission-Wrestling, Grappling Industries can develop, encourage, and maximize inclusive grappling opportunities for all competitors to participate in, as they pursue their own greatness!.

Registration is available right now for kids through seniors at Early Bird registration ends January 27 and saves you $20, giving you 1 or 2 divisions for $79 while normal registration will be available until February 6 at $99 for 1 or 2 divisions, and Absolute divisions being an additional $20 each!

We look forward to seeing our Tribe testing themselves and showcasing their 2017 improvements on February 10!!!

Stephen Whittier Seminar Set for January 13-14!!!


Black Belt Stephen Whittier from SBG East Coast will be visiting SBG Idaho for a two day seminar January 13 and 14! Stephen Whittier is the head coach at SBG East Coast. He holds a black belt in BJJ (under Roberto Maia) and the honorary title of Kru in Muay Thai. He is also a black belt in Jeet Kune Do, Shotokan Karate and a second degree black belt in Filipino Kali/Eskrima. Essentially, he is someone who has gone to near unparalleled lengths to acquire knowledge and expertise in mixed martial arts. When I say ‘mixed martial arts’, we mean this in the truest possible sense; he has not just studied an abridged version of modern MMA, but searched far and wide, training and competing in a huge range of combat sports, evolving from traditional arts to Muay Thai, boxing, and BJJ, in an attempt to find those that are truly functional and applicable. Stephen has coached and trained with elite fighters in Muay Thai, BJJ and MMA, including some UFC household names. But his coaching style is not solely for the elite. Stephen is also the developer of programs concentrating on coaching students over 40 in BJJ. The ability to both train some of the best fighters in the world, and adjust his coaching to make his techniques applicable to beginners and older athletes, demonstrates not just an unparalleled knowledge, but also an ability to teach students that is second to none.

 Each Section will run from 10am-3pm with an hour break for lunch at noon. Saturday’s will focus on striking and Sunday will focus on BJJ. The cost of the Seminar is $80 for both days or $50 for just one day! This is a great opportunity for any student to improve their game no matter what their martial arts focus is!

Sign ups will be available at the front desk or at We look forward to having Coach Whittier back in Boise, and look forward to seeing you all January 13-14!


SUG 6 Match Videos

Follow the links below to and their coverage of the SUG 6 event from Sunday.


Submission Underground 6, December 3, 2017, Roseland Theater, Portland, OR

Video unavailable currently, we hope to post it soon.

Shin VanHoose vs Lisa Ellis

Jake Martinez vs Phil Dunlap

Jesse Brock vs Phill Schwartz


To view the matches you will need a FloPro account.

SBG Athletes Have Strong Showing At SUG 6!


Submission Underground 6 took place this last Sunday, December 3 From the Roseland Theater in downtown Portland, Oregon. SBG Idaho athletes Jesse Brock, Jake Martinez, Shino Vanhoose and Cash Burgess plus Eddie Ziegler and Ella Prevost from the SBG HQ in Portland, joined top names from the world of Submission Grappling and MMA for an action packed event! Though the results were not perfect across the board, our grapplers showed great skill, especially with a rule set that was new to a majority of the competitors. Submission Underground was a fantastic event and experience and we look forward to future trips to the SUG Cage for our athletes!

Results are as follows-

Cash Burgess def. Can Nelson via Armbar 00:45 into Regulation Time



Lisa Ellis def Shino Vanhoose via Toehold 1:21 into Regulation Time



Jake Martinez def Phil Dunlap via North/South Choke 3:45 into Regulation Time



Phill Schwartz def Jesse Brock via Armbar in Bottom of 3rd Overtime Round