Arteaga Dominant Over Ducote at Bellator 202

July 13, 2018 Thackerville, Oklahoma SBG Idaho’s Veta Arteaga picked up the biggest win of her professional career last month at Bellator 202, when she dominated two-time former title contender, Emily Ducote!

Arteaga began the fight strong, taking the center and pressuring Ducote to the fence with some hard shots. Ducote circles away, but Veta stays in pursuit. After a few more exchanges, Ducote attempts a takedown. Arteaga manages to stay upright and uses the cage to turn and separate, before resuming her forward pressure. Another Ducote takedown lands a short time later and in the scramble she is able to secure Arteaga’s back. Arteaga quickly reverses the position and successfully defends Ducote’s quick armbar attempt. Arteaga lands a few hard shots from top before Ducote manages to return to her feet. Arteaga goes back to work, pressuring Ducote backwards with punches and kicks. Both fighters are landing their share of shots in the exchanges, but Arteaga’s are noticeably stronger and more damaging. As the round nears its close, Ducote lands another takedown and quickly takes Arteaga’s back again in the scramble. Ducote locks in a tight rear naked choke, but the round ends before she can secure the submission.

Round 2 begins much the same as the first, with Arteaga pressuring forward behind her striking and Ducote looking to secure a takedown. Ducote executes a nice duck under to a double leg near the fence, taking Arteaga’s back in the process. As in the first round, Arteaga immediately reverses to top and goes to work landing vicious ground and pound with Ducote pinned at the base of the cage. The remaining 3:30 of the round see Arteaga landing hard punches, elbows, and knees to Ducote, who manages just enough activity to survive the onslaught.

Round 3 sees Arteaga again come straight across the cage, pressuring Ducote with hard punches and kicks. Ducote briefly gets Arteaga down against the fence, but Arteaga quickly stands and reverses position before slamming Ducote to the ground with a double leg of her own. More hard ground and pound land for Arteaga, but this time Ducote manages to return to her feet before sustaining too much damage. A hard right hand from Ducote draws blood from Arteaga’s left eye, and Arteaga nods in approval. The remaining two minutes of the fight see both athletes landing strong punches, kicks, knees, and elbows, with Arteaga landing the noticeably harder blows.

Overall, it was a fantastic performance from both athletes, and an exciting display of well rounded mixed martial arts skill! All three judges scored the fight 30-27 in favor of Arteaga! Awesome performance Veta, we are all so proud of your effort and dedication! Special thanks to all the coaches and training partners that dedicated their time in preparation for that night!!!

If you missed the fight the first time, relive the action below!

Bellator 202, July 13, 2018, Winstar Resort & Casino, Thackerville, OK

Veta Arteaga (SBG Idaho) vs Emily Ducote 

SBG Idaho Bringing the Ruckus to MTF 4!!!

Mountain Force MMA continues to push forward, providing quality mixed martial arts for competitors and fans alike, in the Rock Mountain region. MTF brings its 4th installment to Pocatello, Idaho this Saturday, August 4th at the Mountain View Events Center. That evening six SBG Idaho athletes will look to make their mark in the MTF cage!

Making their amateur MMA debuts will be Moises Valadez (125 lb) and Briley Streeter (135 lb), who will be taking on Aaron Jenning and Jordan Hughes, respectively. Both Moises and Briley have been putting many hours in the gym building their skill set, while also helping their teammates prepare. We are very excited that they now get a chance to shine!

Also on the bill that night will be youngsters, David Akers (2-1, MMA, 0-0 MTF), Noah Shultz (2-2, MMA, 0-0 MTF), and Almir Talic (1-0 MMA, 0-0 MTF), as well as veteran professional Billy Carothers (5-9 MMA, 0-0 MTF). Akers looks to get back in the win column after suffering a close decision loss at Rumble at the Roseland back in January. David will be taking on Daniel De Leora in an amateur flyweight (125 lb) contest. Shultz will reenter the cage after a dominant decision win at Front Street Fights this past January. He looks to continue his momentum when he meets Daniel Martinez in another amateur flyweight bout. After a quick submission win at FSF in January, Talic’s coaches are excited to watch him showcase even more of his impressive skillset. He will be taking on Dusty Jones at in an amateur lightweight (155 lb) fight. Finally, Billy Carothers will be stepping in on short notice to take on Idaho MMA veteran, Kerry Lattimer in a professional welterweight (170 lb) showdown! Billy is riding a two fight win streak after impressive submission victories at Fusion Fight League in December and FSF in February. He looks to continue that streak against the ultra-tough Lattimer!!!

For more information on the event, or to purchase tickets, please visit Our athletes have been working hard to perform their best! Show them love, or better yet, make the trek to Pocatello to cheer them on in person!!!

Burgess Takes Home IBJJF Gold!!!

June 30, 2018 Las Vegas, NV SBG Idaho athlete, Cash Burgess, continues to fill up his trophy case- most recently taking home gold in the Teen Yellow Belt Division at IBJJF American Nationals!!!

Winning both of his matches via armbar against more experienced opponents, Cash continues to improve both mentally and physically, each time out! Bracket results are as follows-

Yellow / Teen 2 / Male / Middleweight
1 – Cash Burgess – SBG International (SBG)
2 – Stephon Isaiah Priddy – CheckMat
3 – Benjamin Juan Borja – Bonsai Jiu-Jitsu – Guam

Special thanks to Coaches Michael Ransom and Scott Thometz for making the trip and helping Cash perform to his potential! Congrats on the victory Cash, we are incredibly proud of your effort and look forward to watching your continued growth as a martial artist!


Coach Frankl Returns To Boise!!!

SBG Blackbelt, John Frankl, returns to Boise for what is sure to be another cortex-scrambling jiu-jitsu seminar on August 11-12! Coach Frankl is the head instructor at John Frankl Jiu-Jitsu/SBG Korea, and the man credited with bringing Jiu-Jitsu to South Korea! Don’t miss another opportunity to learn from one of the most intelligent and innovative jiu-jitsu minds out there!

Times are 10am-noon and 1-3pm both Saturday and Sunday. Cost in $80 for all SBGers and $105 for non-tribe members.

Come see what all the fuss is about with the godfather of Korean BJJ!!!

For more info on Coach Frankl, check out the following video:

Hollier Victorious at MTF 3!!!

June 23, 2018 Logan, UT SBG Idaho athlete Benjamin Hollier (3-1 MMA, 1-0 MTF) earned a hard-fought split decision victory over David Maggio at Mountain Force MMA 3!

The bout was contested primarily in the clinch and on the ground over the course of three closely contested rounds. Round 1 began with Hollier circling the outside and using fakes to keep Maggio guessing. A Hollier shot attempt was defended by Maggio, but Hollier transitioned to the clinch and secured a body lock against the cage. Hollier used the clinch to transition back to a single where he was able to circle Maggio off the cage and bring him down to the ground. Maggio reacted well however, jumping to guard on his way to the ground, and securing a triangle. The choke was locked in, but Hollier managed to find relief by stacking Maggio against the cage. Maggio attempted to circle away from the bottom, searching for a better choking angle. Hollier showed great awareness, however, circling with Maggio to keep him pinned against the base of the cage. Eventually the choke loosened and Hollier was able to free his neck but was immediately forced to defend an omoplata and then a kneebar, as Maggio transitioned nicely between attacks. Hollier defended and was able to finish the round landing a few strikes from the top position as the horn sounded.

Round 2 began with Hollier being more aggressive, using kicks to the lead leg and body of the southpaw, Maggio. This allowed him to close the distance much more successfully and secure a strong double leg into side control. Maggio immediately regained his guard and began attacking from his back. Hollier showed better awareness and was able to defend Maggio’s submission attempts before executing a skillful pass into side control. From there Hollier transitioned to mount and then back control as Maggio turned to his belly. The round ended with Hollier landing strong punches from back mount.

Round 3 saw Hollier again circling the outside and using feints to create an opening for himself. Both men were visibly tired from the lengthy grappling battle. Hollier got in deep on a head outside single, but Maggio defended well, and they ended up clinched along the cage again. Hollier once more transitioned to a single to bring Maggio towards the center, but Maggio was able to sneak his arm under Hollier’s neck, before attacking with a standing guillotine. Hollier again defended the choke well, circling free before driving Maggio back into the cage and bringing him down to the ground. The round ended with Hollier passing to side control and Maggio countering with a reverse triangle attempt.

It was a very close fight between two evenly matched athletes, and in the end Hollier was awarded the split decision victory due to his superior aggression and top control. Congrats to Ben on a hard fought victory and for gaining more valuable experience in the cage!!!


Celebrate Another Incredible Year With Us!!!

This summer marks 11 years of sharing our passion for martial arts and changing lives within our community! We invite everyone to come celebrate the occasion with us at our Annual Anniversary BBQ!!!

What started out as a small gym on a hidden back street in Garden City, has now grown to the largest facility of its kind in the state of Idaho. What once served as training facility for aspiring fighters is now also a community hub where people of all walks of life come to improve their health, find inner peace, and develop lasting friendships. We are incredibly grateful for everyone that chooses to make SBG Idaho part of their lives, and we want to celebrate the occasion with all of you!

We will meet at Fairview Park at 4pm on Saturday, July 28. We invite everyone to bring a dish or an item for the grill. We look forward to seeing everyone their for an afternoon of food, fun, and good times with our Tribe!!!

For directions to Fairview Park, go to,+Boise,+ID+83702/@43.6231817,-116.2212279,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x54aef8c3129354dd:0xa0441b7dd1dce9d5!8m2!3d43.6231604!4d-116.2188982.