Jason Brown

My son has been in the Kids MMA class @Combat Fitness for 3 months and everything has been great. From day 1 the instructors have been very welcoming and patient with the kids providing a very comfortable learning environment. On any given day you can have everything from a first day student to a UFC fighter training at the same time. Definitely the go-to gym in Idaho!

Junior Ramirez, 11 years old

MMA has helped me in a big way. I really enjoy boxing. Boxing has helped me tone my muscles and lose some weight. Coach is awesome. He has taught me how to enjoy boxing and also do it for self defense.

Another activity that I enjoy is wrestling. I probably would like to do this competitive in High School. I like the ability of pinning my team mates down. Give me lots of power and strength.

Amy Weidner

I’ve joined several gyms in my lifetime. Entering any sport as a women can be intimidating, but I NEVER experienced that at Combat Fitness SBGi. I took the first free week to get a feel for the trainers and the club member. At the end of my trial week, I was hooked!!! I was treated with respect and given just as much challenge in my training as any other member of the club.

I’ve been a member now for 8 months and still going strong. I am learning Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, and Judo while attending the Fight Fit class for conditioning. The trainers know their stuff and everyone is willing to share their knowledge and there are so many times and classes to choose from. The members and trainers are a big family and everyone supports each other. This makes Combat Fitness SBGi the best gym in the Treasure Valley!!!

Grayson, 5th grader

Combat Fitness is an awesome place to be. All of the kids are super nice. The coaches are really nice. Combat Fitness is super fun and cool. I have gotten into shape. Combat Fitness teaches you self defense and anybody is welcome!

Shawn Stadlbauer

My friend, Matt Jones, trains at Combat Fitness. I respect him a lot and look up to him, so I reached out to him one day about training. I came to watch Matt spar, as he and others were training for an upcoming MMA show. It was intense, yet so cool.

Since training there for now for two weeks, I am very impressed with the attitude in the gym. There is nothing but acceptance and welcoming arms to those who are new. I especially appreciated that because MMA is completely new to me. The coaches that I have worked with have been clear in their explanations and really want to see our success. The facility is clean and well-maintained, which is nice! I am looking to get into shape for my wedding and also have a new skill. I am excited about training here, I think it is well worth the money!

Paul Montreuil

I worked out here for a summer in ’08 and from the fall of ’12 to present.
Combat Fitness is full of amazing coaches and people. The environment is
very friendly to people of all experience levels and is a very welcoming
environment. I mostly train BJJ (blue belt) and find myself constantly
challenged and learning from everyone in the gym. This is an awesome
institution and anyone interested in bjj, mma, or fitness should go here.