Shino VanHoose

shino vanhoose

[Kids MMA / Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu]

Shino began her Jiu Jitsu training at the age of 7. She began training at Ishin Ryu Jiu Jitsu while living in the United Kingdom. Although at first her parents had to drag her away from ballet, in the end it all worked out. Her family later moved to Tokyo where she began training with Uprising Jiu Jitsu and the Fussa Judo team. She earned her black belt from the Kodokan and started training MMA with Paraestra Hachioji and Muay Thai with Shobukai. She made her professional MMA debut at the age of 16 defeating her opponent by submission in the first round. Shino has gone on to compete against some of the best Atom Weights in the world in MMA and Muay Thai. In 2013 her family moved to Boise and became a part of Combat Fitness | SBG Idaho. Shino holds countless championships in BJJ at the national level in Japan, as well as being a NAGA gold medalist. She currently holds a BJJ Purple Belt and Judo Black Belt, and sports a professional MMA record of 5-5.

Brad Bentley


[Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu]

Brad began training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at Combat Fitness in 2009 when the allure of free shorts and a rash guard to compete it the Northwest Submission Challenge’s Sub Only tournament, finally made him come to a class that wasn’t Muay Thai or boxing. Two, losing-effort, 30-minute matches later, he was hooked for life.

As a competitor, Brad has won and medaled at events like NAGA Utah, The Northwest Submission Challenge, and Utah’s Champion Grappler on his way to earning his Brown Belt from Scott Thometz in 2016.

Outside of the gym, Brad is a Dean’s List Elementary Education Student at Boise State. He loves teaching and looks forward to helping everyone he can in their own BJJ journey.

Veta Arteaga

veta arteaga

[Kids MMA / Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu]

A 26 year-old Minico High School graduate, Veta began her martial arts training in 2008 and fell in love with the training. She began competing in grappling competition, winning titles in the Northwest Submission Challenge and earning medals in NAGA Utah and Grappler’s Quest. Veta currently holds a professional MMA record of 3-1 and an amateur record of 4-1. Veta currently holds the rank of purple belt in BJJ.

Outside of the gym, Veta is a student at Boise State as well as the College of Western Idaho and full-time employee of the Head Start Administration in Boise. The younger sister of three older brothers (her older brother, Freddy Arteaga, is also a trainer), Veta is very much a “typical” girl, who loves to shop and dress up for nights out with her friends. She is a very outgoing person, who loves to spend time with her family and those that have a positive influence on her life.

Kameron Moore

Kameron Moore


Kameron is an Honors student at Boise State University, where he excels in the study of Exercise Physiology, alongside his dual major of Health Science. He trained and competed as an amateur boxer from 2005-2007. After which, he joined Combat Fitness and has trained in MMA, Kickboxing, and BJJ ever since. Using his combined knowledge from his in depth, scholastic studies alongside his experience in boxing and further MMA training, he brings a special knowledge to his Fight Fit classes. He emphasizes traits including practical strength, cardio, explosiveness, all in tune with how the human body is designed to work anatomically. Kameron also currently holds the rank of blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Michael Ransom


[Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu]

Michael Ransom has been training in martial arts since the age of 11. He has obtained a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Kai Shin Kan Karate under Isaac Espinosa and has competed locally and internationally, particularly Japan. After doing well on the local Karate circuit Michael set his sights on kickboxing and competed in and won his fight in the first hybrid Kickboxing and MMA event in Boise, Idaho. He has since compiled a 3-1 amateur kickboxing record and 2-0 amateur MMA record. Michael has also been studying and competing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since 2006 and in 2016, was awarded his brown belt by SBG President, Matt Thornton. Michael trains and teaches Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to children and adults at Combat Fitness.

Mike Getchell


[Judo / Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu]

Mike Getchell began learning Judo in 1996 in Cairo, Egypt under Dutch Sensei Linda Criens. After 2 years with the Cairo American College Judo Club Mike moved to Reno, Nevada where he practiced briefly with the UNR Judo Team before heading to Boise, Idaho. Immediately finding a home with the Boise State Judo Club, Mike trained extensively with Sensei Mike Daglin and earned his brown belt in 2002. After taking some time off when Mr. Daglin moved out of state, Mike rejoined the Boise State Judo Club, where he continues his training under Senseis Pete and Mike Campbell. Mike also currently holds the rank of purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.