Jake Martinez


[Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu]

My Jiu-Jitsu journey started at Xtreme Couture in Vancouver, WA in 2007. Walking into that gym was both terrifying and exciting. Out of shape and never having played sports, I wanted to quit 10 minutes into my first class. Feeling that I had made a terrible mistake and ready to walk off the mat, I was given a promise from my instructor “come in everyday for 30 days and you’ll never quit”. It made me angry, so angry, that I showed up to every class just to show him that I didn’t want this and that I wasn’t going to renew my contract. After a few weeks my anger faded, the workouts got easier, and 30 days later I signed a 1 year contract. The next few years would be spent rolling 7 days a week gi and no-gi, wrestling, going from 290lbs to 220lbs, and competing around the northwest with my first coach and BJJ black belt Chris Dealy.

  • Awarded Blue Belt in 2010
  • Awarded Purple Belt in 2013
  • Awarded Brown Belt in 2016

No matter how small or weak you think you are, you can train Jiu Jitsu with consistency and patience.