Stephen Stirewalt



August 1999, at the age of 5, I began my martial arts journey taking the “Pre-karate tech” classes at the Karate Tech Dojo in Ramstein, Germany. I went on to compete and win many medals at the martial arts tournaments over the next few years. Being part of a military family, I never had the chance to train at one place very long.

In the summer of 2004 I placed third in both kata and sparring at the Big D Nationals Karate tournament held in Dallas, Texas. And the following summer of 2005, I was awarded my brown belt in Kajukenbo, karate under Sifu James Cox in Abilene, Texas. I was 11 years old. Not too long after, before the start of the school year, my family received orders to move to Mountain Home, Idaho. Due to the lack of good schools in the area, I was unable to continue training. But my passion for martial arts still remained.

Following my high school graduation with no real direction of where I wanted to go in life, I followed the sport of MMA for a few years, decided that was something I was interested in trying. So, I reached gyms in the Boise area, with a little digging, I eventually stumbled upon Combat fitness through their website. On May 28th 2012, the Monday after my graduation, I started my first day of training. 5 months later on November 9th 2012 I had, and won, my very first kickboxing match! I have been training and competing at Combat Fitness ever since, and haven’t looked back! In 2014 I received my Blue Belt in BJJ from Scott Thometz.